Acne Laser Therapy | Wonderful Breakthrough


Surprise!  Laser treatments can be an amazing part of an acne treatment plan: Severe acne resolves faster with the laser use.

Laser acne treatment is becoming increasingly popular: It’s the latest wonderful breakthrough.

Enjoy a better quality of life using the combination therapy of laser acne treatment and traditional acne treatment!




Laser Acne Therapy

Laser acne treatment is becoming increasingly popular.  It’s the latest wonderful breakthrough for active acne management.  Acne is a widespread condition, mainly affecting emotionally vulnerable teenagers.  Now, adult acne is rising to “epidemic proportions.  Acne often creates a negative impact on quality of life: Scarring, poor self-image, and depression.

Combination therapy, rather than monotherapy is often more successful.  With monotherapy, Propionibacterium (p. bacteria), the troublesome culprit that promotes the acne, may develop resistance.  Add laser acne treatment to the traditional acne treatment: Benzoyl peroxide; topical retinoid and antibiotics; and oral antibiotics.

Surprise!  Laser treatments can be an amazing part of an acne treatment plan: Severe acne resolves faster with the laser use.


How Does it work?

The future looks impressive for laser acne therapy.   Lasers remove multiple skin imperfections, including active acne.

  • The laser light annihilates the p. bacteria causing pimples.
  • Acne clusters, both inflammatory and non-inflammatory, react well to the laser.
  • One of the critical jobs of the laser is to restrict serum oil production, thus preventing the spread of acne.
    • The laser light soothes the sebaceous glands, reducing their production of sebum.
    • How is sebum related to acne? Too much sebum clogs pores and causes a variety of acne.
  • Extra benefit: Potential advantage of treating acne scarring simultaneously.


What Is The Best Treatment Plan?

Generally, multiple treatments deliver significantly better results than a single treatment.  Clearing up existing acne and preventing new breakouts requires heavy-duty work.

How many laser acne procedures do you need?  It depends on the type of laser, the severity of your acne, and its response to the treatment.

Acne responds well to either ablative or non-ablative lasers.  Ablative lasers remove thin layers of the skin and create a dramatic improvement in a single session.  It is associated with risks: Requires potent anesthesia, long downtime to heal, and infection.  Skin remains intact with non-ablative lasers- it is a milder treatment approach.  It is associated with minimal downtime and no risk of skin infection.  Thus, it requires a series of treatment, usually four.


The laser treatment gives you a fast, wonderful outcome.  Improve your quality of life: No scarring and great self-image. Be happy. Enjoy your life.



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